Licensed Premises

Licensed Premises Policy

The Licensed Premises Policy in the Stonnington Planning Scheme applies to:

  • all applications for new licensed premises
  • the expansion of the licensed area or the extension of the trading hours of existing licensed premises, where a permit is required pursuant to Clause 52.27.

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Cafes and restaurants

If a planning permit has been granted for the use of the premises as a restaurant/cafe/bar, or the premises has 'existing-use rights' for that use, then Council must ensure that the liquor licence conditions reflect the conditions of the existing permit.

Where the use is as-of-right, in that the use of the premises does not require a planning permit, then the need to have a permit for the liquor licence introduces a control over the use.

Stonnington Liquor Accord

The Stonnington Liquor Accord is open to any local business that holds a liquor licence.