Economic Recovery Committee

1. Overview

Establishing an Economic Recovery Committee was endorsed by Council on Monday 15 June. This committee will work with business leaders to make smart decisions with long term benefits.

The committee will identify and implement strategies and plans to achieve key recovery goals. This may include new and re-focused grant streams as well as targeted programs, partnerships and advocacy to:

  • increase visitation and encourage return of customers to existing businesses
  • attract new businesses and employees to Stonnington
  • enhance business capability to attract, connect and service customers
  • increase locally based procurement
  • enhance Stonnington partnerships and industry strengths
  • support mental health and resilience of business owners
  • support the arts and cultural industry to provide safe, engaging events and activities.

Members of the Economic Recovery Committee include:

  • Jacqui Weatherill, City of Stonnington (Chair) 
  • Zelman Ainsworth, CBRE Advisory and Transaction Services
  • Chris Balfour, City of Stonnington
  • Nancy Collins, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Stef Dadon, Twoobs Shoes
  • Andy Dinan, Mars Gallery
  • Tommy McIntosh, Tommy Collins
  • Linda Mellors, Regis Aged Care
  • Dan Nicolls, Victorian Government Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
  • Justin O'Donnell, Chapel Street Precinct Association 
  • Dante Peel, CoDevelop Advisory
  • Joey Scandizzo, Joey Scandizzo Salon
  • Andy Simpson, Bounce Audio
  • Rowina Thomas, Lyall Hotel and Spa
  • Michael Whitehead, Vicinity Centres

Presidents of City of Stonnington precinct associations will rotate on the Committee.