Isolation and quarantine – preparing for 14 days at home


In most circumstances, you will not have advance notice that you are required to isolation or quarantine for COVID-19. This information is designed to help you do what you can to prepare in advance, as well as advice and links to stay active, engaged, connected with others and healthy if you are required to spend an extended period of time in your own home.

This is not specific health advice, visit the DHHS website for information and guidance about COVID-19, including the difference between isolation and quarantine.

When to isolate or quarantine:

  • While you wait for results from a COVID-19 test
  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • If you have recently travelled overseas, visit the DHHS website if this is you
  • If you live with someone diagnosed with COVID-19
  • If you have been advised DHHS that you have been exposed to an ‘exposure site’.

Visit the DHHS website for more information. 

Preparing for isolation or quarantine

In most circumstances you will not be given advance notice of the need to isolate or quarantine. 

Things to consider now, before it’s too late:

  • Think about the food, cleaning materials, masks and other items in your house, do you have enough to get through two weeks if you had to go into isolation?
  • If you are able to work from home, do you have what you need?
  • Do you have a list of contacts for people who could support you (from a distance) with things like shopping, walking your dog or being available for a chat?
  • If you provide care for people you do not live with, is there an alternative person who can do this for you?
  • What nearby groceries stores offer contactless deliveries?
  • Be aware of financial support from the Victorian Government for people who are waiting for test results or self-isolating.

I live with other people, what should I do?

Visit the DHHS website for advice. 

DIY isolation guide 

Emergency assistance

If you are in quarantine or isolation, stay in regular contact with your close family and friends and ask them to get food, medicines or other necessities for you when you’re running low.

If you don’t have support for this and believe you are in an emergency situation, call the DHHS COVID-19 hotline to request and emergency relief package. The packages help make sure people are able to access essential items while they quarantine or isolate.

Emergency relief packages contain essential food staples including cereal, long-life milk, sugar, pasta and canned vegetables. Personal care items such as soap, deodorant and toothpaste are also provided as part of the packages. Nappies and baby formula can be provided if requested. 

There are also other community support agencies who may be able to help.

Mental health

Isolation or quarantine will be a challenging time for you and your family. If you have people you can talk to, reach out to them over the phone or other online technologies.

Beyond Blue have an extensive list of resources and contact points to support your mental health during this time.

Grocery delivery

In Stonnington both Coles and Woolworths offer contactless delivery.

Food delivery

You are still able to get meals delivered if you are isolating and many Stonnington cafes and restaurants offer contactless delivery.

Call your favourite café or restaurant to see if they’re delivering, ask the store directly the best way to deliver to ensure they do not lose some of your order to delivery companies.

The Chapel Street Precinct has a list of businesses open, and our other precinct associations will also be able to point you in the direction of places you can get food delivered.

Remain active

Isolation or quarantine can last up to two weeks, and it’s important to stay active during this time. Visit Active Stonnington for safe exercises you can do at home.

Stonnington Library – eLibrary

Our libraries are closed, but you can still access our extensive eLibrary catalogue with books, movies, documentaries, magazines and

Alfresco social programs and events

Our Alfresco aged services program offers a number of online events and activities for people to stay connected, nobody has to know you’re isolating or in quarantine.

Keep entertained

Both the ABC and SBS have free streaming services that can be accessed using smart phones, tablets or internet enabled televisions.

Other places like the Melbourne Zoo and Melbourne Museum are offering virtual tours.

We’re building this list and will soon add a 14 day calendar of things to keep you entertained, engaged, connected, happy, healthy, active and safe.