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You will have an impact and work with purpose. 

  • We have a shared sense of purpose and take pride in our work
  • There is a sense of community and a passion for helping others
  • The work we do has a positive impact and changes lives
  • We have a social heart

You will be part of our family

  • We work collaboratively and communicate regularly, keeping you in the loop
  • Our workplace culture is positive; we make great connections and motivate each other
  • We work in premium locations
  • We have fun!

You will have rewarding opportunities and the chance to grow

  • We participate in diverse projects and have an eye for innovative improvements
  • We have a thirst for learning, knowledge sharing and embracing creativity
  • We offer acting arrangements and secondments
  • Our inspiring learning and development opportunities help you develop professionally and personally
  • We are committed to leadership development
  • We support your desire to learn through educational assistance
  • When you join us, we help orientate you quickly with a comprehensive corporate induction program including a tour of our municipality
  • We encourage professional memberships and networking
  • We promote and support attendance at managers and coordinators conferences.

Your achievements and successes will be recognised and celebrated

  • We respect your knowledge and experience and encourage your suggestions
  • Our recognition programs and celebrating success days will see your contribution rewarded
  • We offer competitive salaries
  • You will benefit from annual Enterprise Agreement salary increases.

You will help reduce our carbon footprint

  • Our Green Team is committed to organisational sustainability initiatives
  • We offer free Myki cards for work-related travel
  • Want to cycle to work? Not a problem with secure bike parking areas and on-site showers
  • Want to take public transport? Enjoy discounted yearly Myki cards through our Commuter Club.

You will enjoy a work/life balance with:

  • a monthly accrued day off*
  • flexible working arrangements
  • job share arrangements*.

*For some work locations and where operationally viable.

You will be cared for with generous leave provisions* including:

  • 14 weeks of paid parental and two weeks of paid paternity leave
  • access to purchased leave — 48/52 or 50/52
  • special leave provisions
  • four weeks of annual leave; 10 days personal/carers leave; three days compassionate leave
  • access to long service leave entitlements after seven years (pro rata)

*Pro rata for part-time employees. 

You will be valued and supported

  • Employee Wellbeing Program (finalist in the VicHealth and WorkSafe Awards)
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Accredited psychologically friendly workplace
  • Contact Officer Network (peer support program)
  • Access to superannuation and independent financial planning advice
  • Discounted aquatic and gym memberships
  • Corporate health insurance plan and free, on-site health insurance seminars
  • Active social club
  • Priority access to Council-managed childcare facilities
  • Access to Council-managed maternal and child health and immunisation services
  • Access to Council fleet and Myki card for work purposes

If you have any questions about the above benefits, please contact us on 8290 1333. Customer Service will put you in touch with a member of our People and Culture department.

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