Flow of Life, Minna Leunig


About the artist

Minna Leunig is a Geelong-based artist, who combines her passion and appreciation of the Australian landscape, with symbols and the simplifying and stripping back of shape to essential forms.

Her work features bold silhouettes, organic lines and demonstrates a careful consideration for how shapes fit together to create harmonious and balanced patterns.

Minna uses thick and tactile traditional paint textures including acrylic on canvas, but has a keen interest in bringing art out of gallery spaces and into the public realm through large-scale murals, and in her own words "...art should be an integral part of everyday life, and accessible to all".

Minna has exhibited at galleries such as Backwoods, aMBUSH, Outré, Juddy Roller, VS, Montsalvat, Neon Parlour and Lamington Drive.

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