Public and contemporary art collection

Public art collection

We commission and acquire the works of local, national and international artists to enhance our public spaces. As we plan and develop new public spaces we continue to add to our collection of public art. 

Artworks can be temporary or permanent and can be seen in streets, squares, parks and other public places across the city.

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Public art pictured above

Artwork Artist Year Location
Twisted Bell Anton Hasell 2019

Yarra River Trail
South Yarra

Murnalong Dr Fiona Foley 2019 Prahran Square
An Unfolding Space Emily Floyd 2013 Phoenix Park
Ringform 1 and 2 Jamie North 2019 Prahran Square
Untitled (wilam) Jonathon Jones 2015 Yarra Riverbank
South Yarra
Garden Islands Kathy Temin 2010 Claremont Street
South Yarra
Apparatus for Transtemporal Relocations of Impending Space Russell Anderson 2016 Gardiner Station
Glen Iris


Contemporary art collection 

Our contemporary art collection includes works dating back to the late 20th century to the present day. Acquisitions are made on the recommendation of our Art Acquisitions Panel - a panel of industry professionals who advise and make recommendations on commissions, acquisitions and decommissions in line with clear selection criteria.

The collection reflects our commitment to enrich the cultural life of those who live, work and visit precincts within our municipality.

View a selection of our contemporary art


Contemporary art pictured above

Artwork Artist Year
Looking east from Rialto Tower 1 David Stephenson 2009
Looking east from Rialto Tower 2 David Stephenson 2009
Looking east from Rialto Tower 3 David Stephenson 2009
Linux for Beginners Emily Floyd 2012
Social Insects Emily Floyd 2012
Structure and Silence of the Cognatariat Emily Floyd 2012
Cockatoos at Epenarra Creek Jessie Akemarr Beasley   2010
 Kwaty Ngentry (The Old Soakage) Jessie Akemarr Beasley  2010 
Metropolis  Robert Jacks  1987 
Lonely Archly  Robert Jacks  1984