Street parties

Sadly due to the current evolving COVID-19 situation, we are unable to proceed with Street Parties for this year. We are looking at different options to hold events for residents to be able to come together safely during Summer.

We will update our website once these plans have been finalised. Thank you for your understanding during these trying times.

Stonnington's Street Party program offers an opportunity for residents to meet, build community spirit and promote a greater sense of safety.

How we can help

We have collated information to help you to plan a fun and safe street party. Please contact us for a Street Party Guidelines and Checklist.

If your street party is approved, we can support your party in several ways, including:

  • preparing a Traffic Management Plan for closing your street,
  • informing affected residents about the street closure,
  • notifying emergency services, including Fire, Police, Ambulance,
  • issuing a permit to hold a street party and consume liquor in a public place,
  • organising public liability insurance for your party, on the condition that you abide by the street party conditions, and
  • installing barriers and close the street on the day of your party and remove the barriers at the end of the party.

For more information, please contact our Service Centre on 8290 1333.