Community safety

We're dedicated to making our community safe for everyone who lives, works and visits Stonnington. 

This includes providing:

  • safe streets and neighbourhoods
  • safe behaviour and social support
  • safe transport, access and movement
  • community building and partnership.

Our strategies and activities:

  • inform you
  • respond to your concerns
  • prevent risks
  • help reduce crime.

Our day-to-day health and lifestyle

Perceptions of safety and crime

  • Entertainment precincts/nightlife areas, laneways, residential streets, travelling on public transport and bike/shared pathways are places where more people report feeling unsafe.
  • Seeing or experiencing people speeding in cars, litter/rubbish, alcohol/drug debris, graffiti and noisy/rowdy/inconsideratate behaviour in the street contributes most to people feeling unsafe.
  • Just over half (50.9%) of residents felt that they live in a close-knit neighbourhood, significantly less than the Victorian estimate (61.0%).
  • There were 9494 criminal incidents in 2020, an 8.4% increase from 2019. Public health and safety offences related to COVID restrictions caused the biggest increase.
  • People aged 25–34 years experience the most harm and males experience more harm than females. For the last five years, Stonnington has had a higher rate of victimisation than the Victorian average.
  • 74% of all crime in Stonnington was categorised as low harm crime, 15.3% was considered medium harm crime and 10.7% was considered high harm crime.

View our safe and connected(PDF, 150KB)  information.

Do you have a community safety issue or concern?

The City of Stonnington's Community Safety Committee welcomes your comments and feedback.

The Committee meets every second month to review and discuss any concerns raised by the community.

Visit Connect Stonnington to submit your issues. 

For emergencies, call 000

Police Stations 

Send your community safety concerns to:

Local Area Commander
Stonnington Police Service Area
396 Malvern Road
Prahran VIC 3181
Ph: 9520 5267

Malvern Police Station
Senior Sergeant
Station Commander - Malvern Police
288 Glenferrie Road
Malvern VIC 3144
Ph: 8823 5600

Prahran Police Station
Senior Sergeant
Station Commander - Prahran Police
396 Malvern Road
Prahran VIC 3181
Ph: 9520 5200

Visit Victoria Police for more information. 


Council surveys the community every two years.

This helps us hear your safety concerns, plan and respond to them.