The Life of the Yarra audio tour

The Life of the Yarra Audio Tour highlights one of our key biodiversity sites, the Yarra River.

Visit the 10 listening stations along the Yarra River shared path, between Punt Road and Grange Road, to delve into the past and discover some small local wonders of our natural world.

Tune in

We recommend you start your audio tour at the Punt Road landing and finish at the MacRobertson Bridge.

Download audio tracks before you visit, or live stream from the listening stations.

Start your tour by listening to the introduction track and follow the animal prints that will lead you to the next station!

On the tour, remember to keep an eye out for cyclists and be careful when crossing roads and paths.


The Yarra River has changed a lot over the past 200 years. Tune in for an introduction to the Life of the Yarra Audio Tour where you will learn about the river’s history and discover some small local wonders of the natural world.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Introduction(PDF, 241KB)

Punt Road Landing

Tune in at Punt Road Landing to hear Arweet Carolyn Briggs explain how the Yarra River got its name. Learn about the original plant communities found in the area and some of the plants you might find there.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Punt Road Landing(PDF, 256KB)

Cremorne Rail Riverbank (Part 1)

Take a seat on the zigzag bench seats and observe the beautiful areas that are tucked along this stretch of the river. Tune in to hear why the river was re-routed and realigned in the late 19th century and learn about the pressures that the Yarra faces in these lower reaches.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Cremorne Rail Riverbank Part 1(PDF, 257KB)

Cremorne Rail Riverbank (Part 2)

Observe the differences between the north and south side of the river from the Cremorne Rail Riverbank listening station. Tune in to learn why it’s important to create and protect wildlife corridors also known as ‘nature freeways’.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Cremorne Rail Riverbank Part 2(PDF, 252KB)

Church Street Bridge

The site of the Church Street Bridge listening station was once a bustling industrial zone. Tune in to learn how the Yarra River Biodiversity Project aims to revegetate the banks to reduce the impact of invasive weeds that have grown since the land was cleared for industry many years ago.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Church Street Bridge(PDF, 252KB)

Fishing Pontoon

The Fishing Pontoon listening station is just upstream from the Church Street Bridge. Tune in at the fishing pontoon to learn about the plant and animal communities that live in the areas known as the riparian zone.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Fishing Pontoon(PDF, 225KB)


Looking upstream of the café to view a few big old gum trees. From here you can also see the artwork created by Jonathon Jones and just across the water, Herring Island. Tune in at the café listening station to remind yourself of the importance of stopping and taking note of the environment around us.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Cafe(PDF, 255KB)


Tune in from the deck in front of the rowing sheds and observe examples of how people have changed and manipulated our physical environment. Learn about the creation of Herring Island in the late 1920s and, more recently, the construction of bioretention ponds to filter stormwater.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Boathouse(PDF, 250KB)

Williams Road

Williams Road marks the boundary between South Yarra and Toorak. Tune in at the Williams Road listening station and learn about the boat service that once linked Williams Road to the northern side of the river and the extension of Alexandra Avenue.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Williams Road(PDF, 241KB)

Grange Road Wetlands

Grange Road Wetlands is a refuge to many bird, amphibian and mammal species. Tune in at the Grange Road Wetlands listening station to learn about the variety of species that can be found nesting and feeding there. You might even be lucky enough to spot a yellow tailed black cockatoo.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - Grange Road Wetlands(PDF, 224KB)

MacRobertson Bridge

Tune in at the MacRobertson Bridge listening station and hear more about the popular swimming race called the ‘Race to Princess Bridge’. Learn why the swimming race had to be cancelled and hear how governments and the community are working to improve water quality and return the river to its former state.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - MacRobertson Bridge(PDF, 255KB)

The end of the tour

As you finish your journey, tune in to hear the words of Arweet Carolyn Briggs of the Boon Wurrung Language Group.

Download Transcript - Life of the Yarra - End of the Tour Track(PDF, 223KB)