Lucie Armstrong – Citizen of the Year – Young Citizen


Lucie Armstrong is a Year 6 student at Armadale Primary and is one of their environment and sustainability leaders.

Lucie has been passionate about the environment since she was a young girl and has led the school in many sustainability initiatives. Lucie’s commitment to sustainability goes way beyond the school grounds and her impact on the local community has been extraordinary.

In September school holidays last year, Lucie decided to support her neighbours in Malvern East by raising awareness and educating others about the need to compost and recycle. She set up a composting system at her home that could be used by her local community and notified letters hand delivered letters from Lucie and her younger sister Rose.

This initiative had an amazing impact on the neighbourhood. Lucie’s family have got to know their neighbours and educating them about the need to compost and how to do it.

Neighbours have supported Lucie and been inspired to change their recycling habits and has negotiated various times to pick up organic waste for composting. Once the compost breaks down, Lucie gives her neighbours nutrient-rich soil to use on their gardens.

An unexpected positive of this sustainably driven initiative is the sense of community it has created for Lucie and her family, with neighbours dropping by regularly to have a chat.

Additionally, Lucie’s family visited Fairfield Indigenous Nursery last year and she designed a new indigenous garden in her backyard. Creating the garden helps to protect local plant species and encourages birdlife.

Lucie is a positive agent for change for her local Stonnington community and has helped others to imagine what a more sustainable future could look like for them.