Erin Mullner – Citizen of the Year – Sport


Erin Mullner has been President of Chadstone Lacrosse Club for three years and is go-to person for everything club related. She is an exceptional lacrosse player and mother to two players. This busy woman is a respected leader and representative for the club.

During the season, Erin is chief organiser for Chadstone Lacrosse Club. The paperwork alone would make one cry, but, she manages to fit this in alongside organising the club’s apparel, uniforms, merchandise, teams, social events and presentation nights along with managing a full-time job and running a household with her three children.

Erin set up Past Players Facebook page to keep former players up-to-date with events and club news which is a fantastic initiative to value their contributions to Chadstone and lacrosse.

Erin’s role as President continues in the offseason, as she attends many meetings held by Lacrosse Victoria. She is also a talented player and recently passed her two hundred game milestone. She is a fantastic mentor and role model to other members of her team, especially to juniors who look to her for guidance.

Coming from a lacrosse family, she follows in the footsteps of her mother and father who were both office bearers at Chadstone Lacrosse Club and Lacrosse Victoria. Erin’s unrelenting dedication to the club and the sport are an invaluable contribution to Chadstone Lacrosse Club.