Fran Johnson – Citizen of the Year – Arts/Education


Fran Johnson is a parent of two children at Armadale Primary School, current School Councillor, and co-chair of the Facilities and Grounds sub-committee of School Council.

Last year Fran singlehandedly began the process of creating a Masterplan for Armadale Primary’s sports and play spaces, contacting landscape design companies, executing a tender process and establishing a working party. From there, Fran organised a school community forum.

More than 400 people attended the forum including neighbours and people from the school and wider community. It was a fantastic event that invited feedback and asked children to create a wish list of what they wanted their space to look like and encouraged young imaginations to draw their ideas and display the drawings across the centre. 

The designs reimagined a harsh concrete environment into a space that would host indigenous plants, a dry creek bed, and a sensory garden to promote a love of touch and smell and create awe and wonder in young people.

These imagined spaces will come to life through the leadership of Fran Johnson.

In addition, Fran has been instrumental in refurbishing the outside of the Year 1 classroom, from sourcing the artificial turf, to organising a parent working bee and landscaping the adjoining garden beds. This new space is enjoyed by the children at the school.

These actions have been undertaken by Fran as a volunteer, tirelessly giving back to her school and community.