Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP)


Inner Melbourne Action Plan 2016-2026

The Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP) is a collaborative partnership between the Cities of Stonnington, Port Phillip, Melbourne, Yarra and Maribyrnong.

The inner Melbourne Councils work together to strengthen the liveability, attraction and prosperity of the region.

The first Inner Melbourne Action Plan was adopted in 2006 in response to the demands of Melbourne 2030, the State Government's blueprint for managing sustainable growth and change across metropolitan Melbourne.

A new 10 year plan, Inner Melbourne Action Plan 2016-2026, was adopted by the five IMAP Councils in June 2016. This Plan identifies strategies and initiatives which respond to the significant growth challenges facing the region, and the context of a new Metropolitan Strategy - Plan Melbourne.

The Plan establishes the following vision:

Inner Melbourne will continue to improve its internationally-renowned liveability whilst responding to the challenges of rapid growth. 

This will be achieved by promoting the following goals:

1. A globally significant, strong and diverse economy

2. A connected transport network that provides real travel choices

3. Diverse, vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities

4. Distinctive, high quality neighbourhoods and places

5. Leadership in achieving environmental sustainability and climate change adaptation.

Visit the IMAP website to view the Inner Melbourne Action Plan 2016-2026  

IMAP Implementation Committee

The IMAP Implementation Committee is a Special Committee of Council that meets quarterly, with meetings open to the public.

Upcoming meetings

All meetings commence at 8am.

Visit the IMAP website for meeting dates

Meeting Minutes and Agendas 

Visit the IMAP website for meeting minutes and agendas

If you have any queries regarding IMAP and the joint projects undertaken through this collaboration, please contact Elissa McElroy, IMAP Executive Officer at the City of Stonnington on 8290 1110 or visit the website