Burning Off (Incinerators, Fires and BBQs)

The City of Stonnington General Local Law 2008 (No.1)  

Incinerators and Fires

A person must not, without a Permit, on land allow to be lit or remain alight any Fire in the open air.

The Sub-Clause above does not apply if:

     (a)             that person is a person authorised by a Public Body engaged in fire protection measures for or on behalf of that Public Body or

     (b)             the fire is in a Barbecue.

Barbecue (BBQ)

An owner, occupier or person in charge of land must not allow a Barbecue to discharge ashes or smoke to the extent that the discharged ashes or smoke is dangerous to the health or offensive to any other person.


The owner and occupier of any land must not:

(a)             cause a nuisance; or

(b)             knowingly allow or suffer a nuisance to exist or emanate, from any Chimney.

Please refer to the burn off factsheet(DOC, 78KB) for more information.