Fundraising, Street Sampling and Promotional Activities

A Local Law permit is required to conduct any of the following on a road, Council Land or in a Public Place under the City of Stonnington General Local Law 2018 (No.1):

a)      distribute any handbills (other than electoral material on Commonwealth, State and Local Government polling days), goods, gifts or advertising material or other printed matter

b)      deliver any public address

c)       use any sound amplification equipment

d)      fundraising, tin shakes or highway collections

e)      spruik or call out from any motor vehicle in order to attract customers or persons to the motor vehicle

f)       conduct any concert, public assembly or public event or

g)      participate in any promotional activity.

Apply for a fundraising, street sampling and promotional activities permit

Application form for a fundraising, street sampling and promotional activities permit(PDF, 839KB)

When applying, please ensure you:

  1. provide a completed application form
  2. agree to comply with the guidelines(PDF, 130KB) and the Stonnington footpath trading and awnings policy 2013(PDF, 1MB)
  3. note a minimum of 14 days ‘notice of application for permit’ is required
  4. understand that the conducting of any Street Sampling/Promotional Activities and Fundraising activities within Stonnington during the month of DECEMBER is prohibited.
Important Information for tin Shakes 
  • Only not-for-profit, non-political organisations are permitted to conduct tin shakes.
  • The conducting of tin shakes within Stonnington during the month of December is not permitted.
  • The operation of intersection tin shakes may only take place where the consent of Victoria Police has been obtained by the organisation.
  • While collecting, tin shake collectors shall carry a copy of the permit at all times.


  • Organisations are now limited to 50 intersections per year.
  • Collections can only be conducted at intersections where neither intersecting road is above 60kms.
  • Intersections on the border of more than one council must have approval from all councils.

     Please follow this link see the Highway Collection Permits section on the Victoria Police website.

Street selling

Street selling is prohibited in the City of Stonnington. Hot dog stands, food and drink/coffee vans or similar or ice cream vans are prohibited on the road, footpath or Council land. This prohibition does not apply to goods sold at markets, stalls or fairs permitted by Council.

Fee and lodgment

There is no fee applicable for fundraising, street sampling and promotional activities.