Draft 'Towards Zero' Road Safety Strategy 2018-2022

News | 17 July 2018

Draft Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy 2018-2022.jpg

The City of Stonnington is updating its Road Safety Policy 2008 - 2017 with a new draft ‘Towards Zero’ Road Safety Strategy 2018 - 2022.

Council staff have worked with consultants and the Monash University Accident Research Centre to develop the draft strategy and implementation plan.

The draft strategy promotes safe road-based travel, with the aim of reducing serious injury and fatal accidents on Stonnington roads.

This will be achieved by:

  • implementing infrastructure improvements to address any identified problems;
  • implementing behavioural and education strategies; and
  • adopting globally acknowledged ‘Safe Systems’ principles: safe roads, safe speeds, safe people and safe vehicles.

View the draft 'Towards Zero' Road Safety Strategy 2018-2022 at connectstonnington.vic.gov.au/roadsafety

Draft Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy 2018-2022.jpg