Stonnington food waste recycling program underway

Press Release | 28 February 2020

Food waste.JPG

Following a successful pilot program with 700 households, the City of Stonnington will incorporate food waste recycling into its existing garden waste service from 1 March.

Launching the program, City of Stonnington Mayor, Cr Steve Stefanopoulos, said this will enable Stonnington residents to reduce their carbon footprint by limiting what they send to landfill.

“Food waste makes up over a third of the average waste bin in Stonnington, when this rots in landfill it produces methane – a powerful greenhouse gas and big contributor to climate change.

“From 1 March our garden waste service will change to a food and green waste service, everything else stays the same: same burgundy bin and same day for collection.

“Residents will be able to place fruit and vegetables, cheese, eggshells, meat and leftovers alongside their lawn clippings, leaves and branches.

“Food and green waste collected will be composted and provided to Victorian farms – a double win for our environment and economy.

“This is another way we’re taking action on climate change, with more to come as we develop our action plan to accelerate our response to the climate emergency,” said Cr Stefanopoulos.

Free kitchen caddies, compostable liners and stickers providing guidance on what can and can’t be placed in the food and green waste bins are available. To order these and to find out how to join the service visit