A petition is a request for action, which is submitted by any resident, or group of residents or other members of the public. It seeks Council's action to overcome a problem that will benefit that person or persons.

Petitions should not be used for objecting to a Planning Application. For further information about objecting to a Planning Application, visit the Planning pages.

There are certain rules for petitions that must be addressed when preparing the document.

  • It must be on paper.
  • The original document must be submitted not a copy.
  • It must be legible.
  • It must be in English or accompanied by a certified translation, with the translators details provided.
  • It must not have any letters, affidavits or other documents attached.
  • The text of the petition must not contain any alterations.
  • The language must be respectful, courteous and moderate.
  • The petition must have the signature and address of at least one person on the page on which the terms of the petitions are written.
  • The terms of the petition are often called the prayer.

All signatures must meet the following requirements:

  • Be written on a page bearing the terms of the petition.
  • Must not be copied, pasted or transferred onto the petition or placed on the blank reverse of the page containing the terms of the petition.
  • Each signature must be made by the person in their own handwriting together with legible details of the person's name and address, not telephone number.
  • A person's name, not the name of the company/business, must be provided in the name details.
  • If a person is unable to sign their signature then they may make their mark in front of a witness and the witness must sign and provide their details as the witness together with the petitioning person's details.

When a petition is received by a Councillor for presentation to Council, the Councillor is required to endorse each page as meeting the petition rules, before it is tabled. If the petition does not meet the requirements the Councillor will present it as a joint signatured letter only.

If the petition meets the requirements then the Councillor will table the petition at the next Council meeting advising the purpose of the petition and the number of signatures. At the time of presentation no discussion of the subject matter takes place. The petition is referred to the relevant Council department responsible for the matter, which is the subject of the petition, for action and a copy of the petition, is circulated to all Councillors.

The proposer of the petition must be clearly identified to enable Council to acknowledge the petition and, if required, seek further details on the matter being petitioned.

Council has no time period in which to respond to a petition this often depends on the nature and content of the subject matter of the petition.

To create a petition, download the Petition Template.doc(DOC, 30KB)