Cr Sally Davis

East Ward

Sally Davis_3611 web.jpg

Councillor Details

0429 343 561

Cr Davis is currently on leave. In her absence please contact Emma Kruse, Executive Assistant to Councillors, on the above contact details. 

First elected 1999, re-elected 2002 and 2016.

Mayor 2002–03.


What is your plan or vision for Council?

It's important that we have intelligent discussions around the decisions we make as Councillors.

I want to help make life easier for those in the community who don’t have the power or knowledge to know what to do to improve their situation. And I want to reiterate that Council's key role is to look after the health and wellbeing of all residents. Too often, people forget that.

My mission is to help ensure that Stonnington prepares for future generations. We all become so concerned about what is happening in our daily lives, we tend to ignore the future – and what we will leave behind.

I also want to have a role influencing the direction of future State Government policies as they relate to local government – particularly regarding decisions on town planning, recreation and health.

What do you love about Stonnington?

Having lived in the municipality for more than 30 years, I appreciate its history – particularly its beautiful, eclectic architecture. I appreciate the important role of this Council in providing maternal health services, the parks, the sporting facilities, the libraries, the community activities – and so much more – all of which contribute to a very special, privileged environment.

Yet, it is an ongoing challenge to cater for everyone's evolving needs.