Building permit and regulation fees

Below is a schedule of fees for applications to the Municipal Building Surveyor (Council’s own building surveyor) and fees for lodgement, plan searches, consent and report, property information and Storm water discharge points.

Fee Schedule for Building Permits and Regulations(PDF, 79KB)

All fees include GST and private building surveyors set their own fees.

Levy and lodgement fee

As per the Building Act, you must pay the levy and lodgement fee before any building permit can  be issued.


The levy is collected by the relevant building surveyor, who sends it to the Victorian Building Authority.

See the Victorian Building Authority page on the building permit levy.

Lodgement fee

A lodgement fee applies to all building permits.

See the Victorian Building Authority's information on building fees.  

Note that the lodgement fee you pay is the amount required at the time you apply for a building permit to the relevant building surveyor, not the amount required when the decision is made (should this be different).

For a specific quote from the office of the Municipal Building Surveyor, please call 8290 3525.