Stormwater outlets

Stonnington stormwater catchment system

Properties must have stormwater drainage systems that effectively collect and discharge the stormwater runoff into a council drain.

The stormwater drainage system in Stonnington is managed in partnership between Melbourne Water and Council. Melbourne Water is responsible for the provision and maintenance of its main drains, and Council manages the remaining public drainage system within the municipality.

Obtaining a permit

The builder or plumber must obtain a Council road opening consent before creating a connection to a Council drain or works within the road reserve.

Refer to the Local Law Permits – Construction page for more information.

Note that before a building surveyor can issue a building permit for any work that incorporates a drainage system, they must obtain a report for the 'legal point of discharge' from Council. The building surveyor ensures that:

  • the design of the internal drainage system is in accordance with the recommendations of that report
  • the drainage is connected to the specified point of discharge.

Application for Stormwater Point of Discharge Report(DOC, 953KB)

Application for Flooding Information 51(2)(DOC, 952KB)


The costs are outlined under Property Information on page two of the fees and charges schedule(PDF, 79KB).

Responsibility for construction and maintenance of stormwater pipes and drains

The property owner is responsible for the internal stormwater drains and any section of their private drain outside the property that connects to the legal point of discharge. For some properties this responsibility may extend to a shared easement drain that may serve a small number of other properties in cases where the easement drain is not a Council drain. These shared easement drains are typically small, usually 150mm in diameter or less.

Melbourne Water is responsible for large main drains and significant waterways such as the Yarra River and Gardiners Creek.

Council is responsible for all other public stormwater drains.