Building permits

Under State legislation you need a building permit before you can start most building work. The definition of building work in the legislation includes new building, demolition or alteration. In many cases the builder or architect/draftsperson obtains the permit on behalf of the property owner.'

For information about which work requires a building permit and which does not, refer to the exemption allowances of the Building Regulations, or check the Building and Planning Permits page on the Victorian Building Authority website.

If you are starting, growing or changing a business and unsure about what permits you require. Complete our small business self assessment tool to determine whether a permit is required for your site and learn about the support provided by our business concierge service. Our Business Permit Applications Guidelines may also be useful.

In some cases you may also need a planning permit. Refer to the our Statutory Planning Unit for more information. Where a planning permit is required, the building permit cannot be issued until the planning permit is issued.

Building permits are issued by building surveyors. You can engage the Council’s Municipal Building Surveyor, or you can choose a private building surveyor. Private building surveyors have no connection with the Council.

Reference to the ‘relevant building surveyor’ in these pages means either the Municipal Building Surveyor or a private building surveyor whichever is carrying out functions with relation to the work.

Translator service

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Victorian Building Authority

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is the peak statutory body in Victoria dealing with building work.

We have also prepared a factsheet(DOC, 303KB) outlining the building control system in Victoria.