Building application requirements

When submitting a building permit application you need to ensure that the application contains information sufficient to demonstrate that the building work will comply with the Building Regulations and Building Act.

The application can be lodged by the owner of the land or any person on behalf of the owner of the land.

Items required to accompany application

You must include the following with your application:

  • Permit application fee, statutory levies and any charges required to be paid to outside authorities
  • Three copies of design documents to show compliance with the Building Regulations – plans must be to scale and include a site plan including a north point, allotment dimensions, nearest street/intersection, any easements, position of building(s) on site, levels and stormwater layout (1:500)
  • A copy of a certificate of title of the allotment with evidence of ownership
  • Where relevant, a building floor plan (each floor level) (1:100); external and sectional elevations (1:100); details of any footings and framing members (1:100, 1:20)
  • In the case of alterations and additions, plans of existing site conditions with the new work clearly differentiated
  • Evidence of suitability that a material or design meets its performance requirement or deemed to satisfy provision
  • Project specifications
  • Any structural drawings and computations

Note that the Municipal Building Surveyor may request engineering design certification.

Further documents that may be required to accompany the application

  • Soil report
  • Re-establishment survey plan prepared by a licensed land surveyor
  • Details of any town planning permit and endorsed plans
  • Evidence of domestic building warranty insurance if the cost of building work is over $16,000
  •  Details of any protection of adjoining property before and during building work
  • Details of any precautions to protect the safety of the public before and during the building work