Road Openings

The Road Management Act 2004 requires you to obtain a ‘consent for works (excavations)’ from the responsible authority for works at your property, which require you or your contractor, to dig into any part of the road reserve outside your property. This includes the road surface, the footpath or the nature strip of a public road, street or laneway. Council consent is required for any works in, on, under or over a municipal road. VicRoads consent is required for any works in, on, or over an arterial road(PDF, 28KB) or freeway.

Apply for road opening consent

Council consent for municipal roads

Application for consent to open a road surface(DOCX, 678KB)

Council's standard detail designs for footpath pavement reinstatement details:

VicRoads consent for arterial roads and freeways

The Metropolitan South East office of VicRoads serves the Stonnington district.


VicRoads - Metro South East, 12 Lakeside Drive, Burwood East

Postal address: 

Private Bag 4, Mount Waverley VIC 3149


For more information, please refer to the VicRoads website, Consents under the Road Management Act.

Application requirements

Please note that works must not commence without the relevant permit. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

An application must include:

  • a fully completed application form and applicable fees
  • confirmation that Dial Before You DIG (phone 1100) has been contacted before commencing any work, to ensure that no underground services are damaged
  • a copy of a Memorandum of Consent from the Coordinating Road Authority (if applicable)
  • a detailed description and a relevant site plan/drawing of the location and extent of the works that covers:
    • the type of works to be undertaken
    • the property address and a location plan
    • start and completion dates
  • a relevant Traffic Management Plan showing all safety measures for the management of pedestrian safety, dimensions, and any obstructions (if applicable)
  • contact details (name, address, email and business hours telephone number) for you or your contractor
  • copies of notices given to other infrastructure or works managers
  • a copy of current Public Liability Insurance.

Fee and lodgement

Applications can be submitted to Council's Building and Local Laws Services Unit. Click here for contact/lodgement information.

Fees are set under the Road Management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2015. A table of current fees can be found on the VicRoads website and the Building Local Laws Fee Schedule.(PDF, 65KB)

Road opening applications take the following time to process:

  • 15 business days — Supply extension works
  • 3 business days — Connection of services

Request for reinstatement of road opening

At the completion of road opening works, the works manager must notify Council within 24 hours by completing a road opening notice of completion form(DOC, 89KB). Any excavation must be reinstated to Council standards. Should any further work be undertaken by Council to bring the temporary reinstatement up to Council’s standards, the applicant is liable for the costs.