Building Control Intervention Filter Criteria

If you have a complaint about a private building surveyor, or about the building work for which you have appointed the private building surveyor, you can approach our Municipal Building Surveyor for assistance.

The Building Control Intervention Filter Criteria (BCIFC) is a policy framework used by Stonnington’s Municipal Building Surveyor to deal with complaints regarding building work where a private building surveyor has been appointed.

Under the BCIFC the Municipal Building Surveyor has a range of options when assessing your complaint. These include:

  • Referring the issue directly to the private building surveyor (in cases where the private building surveyor is properly responsible for resolving the matter)
  • Referring the issue to the Building Practitioners Board or the Victorian Building Authority (if the Municipal Building Surveyor believes the private building surveyor is not taking appropriate action)
  • Taking direct intervention action (to reduce risk of injury to people or damage to property)

The action taken by the Municipal Building Surveyor depends on the seriousness of the issue, based on the information provided.

You can view our policy on building control intervention filter criteria here(DOC, 534KB).