Combustible cladding

In Australia, the rules about how buildings must be constructed are set out in the National Construction Code (NCC).  A non-compliant use of a building product is when a product is used in situations where it does not comply with the requirements of the NCC. 

Cladding products are commonly used by designers and builders worldwide. They are often used as decorative features on external walls of buildings and are lightweight, flexible and can provide good insulation.

In recent years, the material has been linked to the rapid spread of fires in buildings in Victoria, such as the Lacrosse Building in Southbank in 2014. It has also contributed to tragic building fires overseas.

The State Government, through the Victorian Building Authority, is leading the response to this issue. An initial audit instigated by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) in 2015 identified a number of buildings in Stonnington with non-compliant cladding.

Council’s Municipal Building Surveyor continues to participate in the State Government’s audit process to ensure that buildings in Stonnington are safe to occupy and meet the requirements of the building regulations.

Victorian Cladding Taskforce

In July 2017 the Victorian State Government established the Victorian Cladding Taskforce (the Taskforce) to: 

  • investigate the extent of non-compliant and non-conforming external cladding on Victorian buildings
  • advise on the rectification of non-compliant and non-conforming external cladding, and 
  • recommend changes to the regulatory system.

On 1 December 2017, the Taskforce issued an interim report on the non-compliant use of building materials in Victoria.

View the Victorian Cladding Taskforce Interim Report November 2017 (PDF) the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

The initial focus of the Taskforce will involve assessing external cladding on residential and accommodation buildings three storeys or above, as well as hospitals, schools and aged care facilities two storeys or above.

For further information as the work of the Taskforce progresses visit Victorian Cladding Taskforce.


Fire safety actions

Recommended fire safety action for residents, building owners, owners’ corporations and facilities managers are outlined in the Taskforce Advisory Note 1: Fire Safety Actions (PDF) at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Guidelines for fire safety on balconies (PDF) are available from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.


Further information

For comprehensive information on the Victorian Statewide Cladding Audit, including resources for residents, owners, owner’s corporations and building practitioners visit Victorian Statewide Cladding Audit at Victorian Building Authority.

Council’s fact sheet(PDF, 99KB) provides our community members summary information on combustible cladding in Stonnington.