Frequently asked questions

The below are responses to frequently asked questions on the delivery of a Masterplan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park, this information was last updated on 2 October 2019 following advice from the Supreme Court of Victoria. 

Questions and responses are split into topics:

  • Masterplan, park improvements and open space
  • Sporting facilities
  • Car parking and traffic
  • Historical covenants
  • Administrative items and reports

Masterplan, park improvements and open space

Why do we need a Masterplan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park?

In April 2019, City of Stonnington Council adopted a Masterplan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park in Malvern East to guide development of new community sporting facilities and park improvements for casual users.

Masterplans are long-term planning documents that guide development and improvement of public spaces.

What is the timeline?

The expected timeline for the project is:

  • Detailed design – on track to be completed in late 2019
  • Construction of sporting facilities and park upgrades – expected to commence in 2020
  • Project completion – expected in 2021.

No demolition, construction or tree removal associated with the project will begin until the final determination regarding the covenants by the Supreme Court of Victoria (see below for more information about this).

An information session will be held prior to works starting to provide the community an opportunity to ask questions about the project and construction. Details of this will be provided via a letter to residents and promoted on the project website and email database

How much will this cost?

This is a $44.6m investment in community sport, with funding available from state and federal government.

Why are the sporting facilities located where they are?

In response to feedback received on a series of concept site options in 2018, the Masterplan locates the sporting facilities in a position that:

  • distributes development evenly across the northern (Abbotsford Road) end of the park
  • locates the indoor courts to provide a buffer from surrounding street interfaces and most importantly set into the ground to reduce visual bulk
  • creates over 1,000m² of additional publicly accessible open space
  • allows for a single level of controlled car parking with over 200 spaces overall
  • maximises visibility and exposure for outdoor sporting clubs and participants
  • retains a social connection between the Chadstone Bowls Club and Chadstone Tennis Club
  • minimises tree removal.

What about the rest of the park?

Park improvements include:

  • extensive tree replanting and landscape improvements
  • more accessible pedestrian pathways and the creation of a loop path
  • installation of fitness stations at the southern end of the park
  • improved public seating
  • increased bins and dog bag dispensers
  • upgraded maintenance program for the wetland near Chadstone Road.

The two sports ovals, wetland, playground near Quentin Road and hit-up wall at the southern end of the park will remain where they are. 

What about open space?

The Masterplan results in an increase of over 1,000m² publicly accessible open space, the majority of this gain is the result of locating the car park under the bowls club rather than at grade as it currently is.

See page 15 in the Masterplan for more information.

What consultation took place?

The Masterplan for Percy Trevaud Memorial Park was guided by a number of rounds of community consultation in 2018 and 2019.

Reports on the feedback from consultation are available:

Will there be any tree removal?

Yes, approximately 70 trees will be removed for construction. Significant replanting will be undertaken with over 130 new trees planted.

Do you require a tree removal require a permit?

No, expert planning advice has been received that a planning permit will not be required.

Historical analysis shows that the trees to be removed are not remnant (original) vegetation and can be removed without a planning permit within exemption 52.17 of the planning scheme:

“Planted Vegetation that is to be removed, destroyed or lopped that was either planted or grown as a result of direct seeding”

See page 12 of the 19 August report to Council or the Victorian Government Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website more information.

Will I still be able to walk from Chadstone Road to Quentin Road?

Yes, pedestrian pathways will be retained and made more accessible.

How will the roof terrace area work?

The Masterplan includes an elevated roof terrace between the Chadstone Bowls Club (on the Chadstone Road side of the site) and Chadstone Tennis Club and indoor sport courts (on the Quentin Road side of the site).

This will provide an elevated passive community space to watch sports across the oval, tennis courts, bowling greens and indoor courts. It is not expected to be publicly accessible when the facility is not in operation, nor included in the licensed area.

See page 17 of the Masterplan to see where the roof terrace fits within the sporting facilities.  

Will there be public toilets?

Yes, a publicly accessible toilet is included in the new facility.

How will you keep the new facilities safe?

The design has been created under the principles of CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) and will be analysed accordingly to ensure the new facilities follow principles that reduce the likelihood of undesirable behaviour.

Pedestrian areas and the car park will be well lit.

Who developed the Masterplan?

Williams Ross Architects developed the Masterplan in consultation with a project Stakeholder Group and Steering Committee.

Members of the Stakeholder Group included three local residents and representatives from local traders on Chadstone Road, Malvern Valley Primary School, Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club and current and future sporting users. This group advised Council in the preparation of the Masterplan by providing representative and balanced input and by identifying, assessing and prioritising stakeholder interests.


Sporting facilities

What facilities are included?

See the list of new and upgraded sporting facilities.

Is this different to the previous design for the Chadstone Bowls Club?

Yes, Chadstone Bowls Club requested that the design be modified to include one eight rink synthetic bowling green with an all-weather shelter. The previous design included two uncovered synthetic bowling greens.

This design refinement was requested by Chadstone Bowls Club, supported by Bowls Australia and presented to Council at their meeting in August 2019 (page 11).

A single rink with an all-weather shelter will better equip Chadstone Bowls Club for evening and year-round play. Bowls Australia’s letter of support is available here (page 24).

What will the all-weather shelter look like?

The bowling green will be covered by a shade sail structure that is approximately 7m from the ground at its highest point. This is a similar size to a two storey house.

See below for a design that shows how the shade sail will look from the nearby Rob Roy Road entry to Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park.


Rob Roy Road view.png

What will happen to the sports clubs during construction?

Council have been working with clubs to finalise the design of the sporting facilities and discuss the impacts - including temporary relocation of bowls and tennis during construction.

Regular meetings with the Chadstone Bowls Club, Chadstone Tennis Club and Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club are helping to develop a relocation plan for construction, which is expected to take approximately 18 months.

Construction is unlikely to impact the season of Chadstone Lacrosse Club or East Malvern Tooronga Cricket Club as the ovals are unaffected and temporary facilities can be accommodated onsite.

Council thanks representatives from Basketball Victoria, Chadstone Bowls Club, Chadstone Lacrosse Club, Chadstone Tennis Club, East Malvern Tooronga Cricket Club and Prahran Netball Association for their help in developing the Masterplan.

Will the new outdoor sporting facilities have lighting?

Yes, the Chadstone Bowls Club and Chadstone Tennis Club will have high quality low-spill lighting to enable people to play at night. 

How will you manage sound at the indoor sport courts?

The indoor sport courts building will be sealed, air conditioned and acoustically treated to assist with the sound management of the hard court indoor facilities. 

Why not expand the existing facility at Orrong Romanis?

An Assessment of Alternative Sites Report was prepared in August 2017 and included in the feasibility study for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park.

This report explored Orrong Romanis Reserve (site of Stonnington’s existing two court indoor stadium), Darling Park car park (opposite East Malvern RSL) and land within Malvern Valley Golf Course.

supporting report to Council (page 9-13) in September 2017 explained that Orrong Romanis Reserve is the site of a former City of Prahran rubbish tip and the soil is significantly contaminated. Excerpts of that report explain the existing soil conditions (page 10-11) and results of soil contamination testing (page 11). Further to soil contamination, additional indoor sporting facilities at Orrong Romanis Reserve would not be possible without impacting open space. 


Car parking and traffic

Is there car parking?

The Masterplan includes a single level car park with over 200 spaces, enough to service sporting and park users.

Community feedback indicated a preference for parking on a single level because of improved lines of sight and safety, this also allows for direct access to the park and ovals from the car park.

How did you decide on the number of needed car parks?

Anticipated parking demand for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park was determined through first principles and is outlined in Irwinconsult’s Traffic Engineering Report.

By studying current use, analysing parking demands of future uses and looking at similar venues in Melbourne the report identified the number of  spaces would be required.

This includes the operation of the indoor sports courts that was calculated using the below table.

 Parking table PTMP.JPG

See pages 10-16 of Irwinconsult’s Traffic Engineering Report for more information.

What about parking in local streets?

Following consultation on the possible implementation of parking restrictions on some local streets within vicinity of Chadstone Shopping Centre, a report outlining feedback and proposed restrictions for further consultation was presented to Council in June.

At this meeting Council resolved to conduct further consultation with residents on proposed restrictions.

Residents on the below streets have been contacted inviting feedback on proposed restrictions:

  • Abbotsford Avenue
  • Alma Street
  • Armstrong Court
  • Bowen Street
  • Chadstone Road
  • Durward Road
  • Fenwick Street
  • Gauntlet Road
  • Gordon Street
  • Quentin Road (part of)
  • Rebecca Road
  • Rob Roy Road
  • Rowena Road (feedback was to not proceed with restrictions)

See the report to Council (page 169) for more information.

How will the car park be managed?

An automated car park management system will be implemented to manage usage by providing access for a short period of time as simply as possible. Longer duration parking will be controlled to prioritise parking for use of the sporting facilities and the reserve (including passive recreation).

How will the drop off area on Chadstone Road work?

The Masterplan includes a drop-off area from the Chadstone Road entry to the car park. Similar to drop-off areas at schools this will include a mix of short-term parking spaces and provide a drop off area for buses.

Can Chadstone Road handle the traffic?

Yes, the additional traffic generated is anticipated to not unreasonably impact Chadstone Road.

Chadstone Road operates as a local arterial road and is capable of carrying a mid-block two-way traffic volume of up to 1,800 vehicles in the peak hour, the anticipated addition of facility traffic to existing volumes would not exceed this.

What traffic and parking studies did you undertake?

Traffic and parking studies looked at the existing condition of the local street network, as well as predictions of the usage and operation of the indoor facility. These studies captured data on selected weekdays, weekends - including major shopping events at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Two traffic and parking reports were completed:


Historical covenants

What are land title covenants?

Council is seeking a determination from the Supreme Court of Victoria to interpret, or in the alternative modify restrictive covenants at Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park to enable construction of community sporting facilities.

The type of restriction in the covenants is regularly referred to as a ‘no quarrying covenant’ and is common across Melbourne.

When will the Court hear this case?

The Supreme Court has advised that their earliest availability to hear the case is May 2020.

All affected sporting and recreation organisations have been informed of the Court’s timeline. This included advising the Chadstone Bowls Club and Chadstone Tennis Club that their upcoming summer seasons will not be impacted by construction.

We will continue to ensure stakeholders remain informed.

Are you stopping all work related to the project until the Court makes a determination?

No. We are in the final stages of the design with sporting clubs who will use the new and upgraded facilities. There is only a minor amount of design work to be completed to ensure the project can progress quickly once the Supreme Court makes a determination.

Consistent with a Council motion in August, no demolition, construction or tree removal associated with the project will begin until a final determination by the Supreme Court.

Why didn’t you get the Court’s determination until now?

In October 2017 - Council confirmed Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park as the location for a future multipurpose sport and recreation facility – with new indoor sporting courts and upgraded facilities for cricket, lacrosse, lawn bowls and tennis.

In May 2019 – Council adopted a Masterplan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park to guide development of these facilities.

Council required an adopted Masterplan to start enter into this process with the Supreme Court.


Administrative items and reports 

What reports are available?

A number of associated supporting reports are available:

Additional documents are available on our project resources page

What about easements and road discontinuances?

Drainage and sewerage easements

As part of title consolidation, Council is removing redundant sewerage and drainage easements within Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park. These easements are not required by the responsible authorities.

Consolidation of titles will occur following the completion of the construction of the facility.

See page 12 of the 19 August report to Council for additional background information.

Road discontinuance

Following a public notice advertisement and public submission process, a report outlining the proposed discontinuance of redundant road reserves within Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park was presented to Council’s meeting on 24 June.

At this meeting Council resolved that these roads are no longer reasonably required for public use and that they be discontinued.

See page 177 of the 24 June report to Council for more information.