McArthur Reserve playground

 Project  McArthur Reserve playground renewal
 Project start date  May 2019 
 Project finish date  June 2019 
 Hours of work  7am to 5pm (Mon-Fri)
 8am to 5pm (Sat) 
 Council Project Manager  Dominic Mazza
 P: 8290 2066 
 Playground Project Manager  Safe Play
 P: 9870 0233 
 Out of hours emergency contact  P: 8290 1333


Redevelopment of the McArthur Reserve playground in Malvern responds to local resident and park user feedback from a January 2019 survey 

The final playground design was also influenced by responses captured in the survey.

Works are scheduled to start in May 2019 and, when complete, will significantly improve the park amenity.

The new playground is expected to be open in June 2019.

For safety reasons, during construction, temporary fencing will surround the work zone.

Please note: In compliance with Worksafe and OH&S requirements, park users and pedestrians are not permitted within the work zone.

While work of this nature will cause some temporary inconvenience, every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum.

Scope of works

Upgrading the McArthur Reserve playground will involve removing the existing play equipment and installing new:

  • play equipment
  • softfall
  • rubber access paths

Frequently asked questions

Will pedestrian access by affected?
No. While the area of the park where the works are being carried out will be fenced, pedestrian access will be maintained.

Will access to the playground be affected?
Yes. The playground will be closed for approximately three weeks while the old playground is being removed and new equipment installed.

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