About the project

  Project type   Major development 
  Project schedule    January 2018 - August 2019 
  Project manager   Aecom 
  Contractor name   Kane Constructions 
  Architect   Lyons 
  Landscape Architect   ASPECT Studios
  Budget    $60+ million 
  Completion date   31 July (expected) - car park
  September/October 2019 (expected) - urban parkland 



For Prahran Square to be recognised as a world-class public space that is owned and enjoyed by all, enhancing the commercial sustainability and vibrancy of surrounding precincts.

We will achieve this by:

  • transforming the existing Cato Street car park into an active, vibrant, safe and exciting public space to linger, interact and connect
  • giving Stonnington residents a place to share and engage with others
  • delighting visitors with a variety of spaces for enriching cultural programs and other experiences
  • creating over 500 convenient and safe underground car parking spaces
  • being a model for sustainable development and urban revitalisation
  • serving as a destination for everyone.

Whether you want to connect with family and friends, watch a live performance or simply relax in the stunningly-beautiful surrounds, Prahran Square will be an inviting and highly attractive space for all ages to simply drop by or linger longer.


Why we need Prahran Square?

It is projected the population of the City of Stonnington will increase by over 30,000 by 2036, with 58 per cent of residents living in close proximity to the Chapel Street area.  The City of Stonnington also has the second lowest level of public open space per capita of all Victorian Councils.

Prahran Square delivers on Council’s long-term plan to provide more open space for Stonnington residents, and is an important component of a suite of projects designed to enhance our iconic Chapel Street precinct.

Where is Prahran Square?

Prahran Square is bounded by Cato Street, Izett Street, Wattle Street and Chatham Street in Prahran.

It is located one street back from the Chapel Street, Commercial Road and Greville Street retail precincts and within easy walking distance of Prahran Station and multiple tram routes.

Key features of Prahran Square

  • Nine distinctive spaces to suit diverse community needs from intimate areas to larger gatherings
  • 500 convenient and safe underground car parking spaces
  • Central square with water feature
  • Free public WiFi
  • Themed green zones with extensive shade and landscaping
  • Feature seating including terraced seating
  • Environmentally friendly design and features
  • Capacity for events such as festivals, live performances and outdoor cinema
  • Safe and improved pedestrian priority environment around the site
  • Recognition of the site’s history
  • Retail/hospitality opportunity spaces
  • Integrated public art


View the site

A time-lapse camera has been established over the site, and you can get a birds-eye view of the works from our Prahran Watch page.

Contractor and hours of work

Kane Constructions are the contractor awarded to the contract to build Prahran Square.

Their normal hours of work are Monday to Friday (7am to 8pm) and Saturday (8am to 8pm).  Some specialist work may be needed outside of these times, in which case notice will be given to residents and surrounding businesses.

Kane Construction can be contacted for construction related matters on 0478 808 737 or catosquare@kane.com.au 


Celebrating Prahran’s history

Prahran Square will recognise the site as an important part of Prahran's rich history.

Plans from the late nineteenth century show detached houses, cottages and terraces on the site. Council worked closely with Heritage Victoria to secure any archaeological remains, which included an archaeological investigation in early 2017, and site monitoring during construction.

Once developed, Prahran Square will incorporate features that respect and recognise the area’s history. 

Community consultation 

Council’s vision for Prahran Square is the result of extensive community consultation which was undertaken as part of the Public Realm Strategy, Chapel reVision, Chapel Street Masterplan and Strategies for Creating Open Space.

More recent community engagement and consultation on the project took place from February to May 2017, which included three community forums, an on-site information hub and a community survey through our digital engagement platform, Connect Stonnington. Feedback from these engagements was provided to the Prahran Square design team.

More consultation is planned, and in 2018 Council will work with the community on the important matter of finding a name for the square.

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