Planning Updates

VicSmart applications

VicSmart is a simple and fast planning permit process for straightforward applications.

You can use VicSmart to apply for:

  • minor subdivisions
  • minor buildings and works
  • tree removal and lopping
  • small advertising signs
  • car parking and loading bay waivers.

Please refer to the links below to see if your application is eligible for VicSmart:

VicSmart-Applicants-Guide-to-Lodging-a-VicSmart-Application-2019.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

You will need to supply:

  • completed application form
  • current full copy of Certificate of Title and Lot Plan (obtained within the past three months)
  • completed a standard Declaration for Planning Permit form
  • all information as noted in the checklist for planning permit applications.
  • photographs of the subject site and the street (optional but highly desirable).

Changes to gambling regulations and signage

As of 6 March 2012, changes to the Gambling (Signage) Regulations 2005 require gaming venues to replace their external signage. This may prompt gaming venue operators to seek advice from the Council about any relevant planning approvals.

Currently gaming machines in Victoria are owned and operated by either Tattersalls or Tabcorp. The Regulations allow gaming venues to display the 'Tatts Pokies' and 'Tabaret' gaming machine signs as part of their external venue signage. However, as from 16 August 2012, the gaming industry moved to a new licensing model in which gaming venues own and operate their own gaming machines. Therefore, the existing gaming machine signs will no longer be appropriate.

Changes to the Regulations mean that venue operators can now display a new generic gaming machine related sign that includes the term 'Pokies'. Existing requirements in relation to the quantity, placement and size of gaming machine related signs remain unchanged. To assist the replacement of the existing signs, a 12 month transition period commenced on 6 March 2012 that permits gaming venues to display either the existing 'Tatts Pokies' or 'Tabaret' signs, or the new generic 'Pokies' sign. By 6 March 2013, venues must no longer display the 'Tatts Pokies' or 'Tabaret' signs.

All gaming venue operators in Victoria have been advised in writing of these changes and what it means for their venues. Please refer to the information attached below.

If you require any further information about these changes, please contact the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation on 1300 182 457 or visit