Hospital heliport flight path protection

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The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is seeking to protect helicopter flight paths to existing helipads at the Alfred, Clayton, Frankston, Royal Children’s, Royal Melbourne and Warragul hospitals.

The Department is proposing to do this by introducing Design and Development Overlays (Overlays) to the Stonnington, Melbourne, Frankston, Port Phillip, Baw Baw and Monash planning schemes.

In Stonnington, the DHHS sponsored amendment seeks to protect emergency helicopter flight paths to and from Alfred Hospital.

The existing and proposed Overlays do not introduce a mandatory height limit. Instead, the Overlay triggers a need for a council planning permit for certain buildings and works. All permit applications are referred to the department, which will assess each referral on merit. Where the proposed development does not affect Emergency Medical Services (EMS) helicopter flights, the development is likely to be supported, or supported with conditions.

DHHS undertaking a number community sessions for local residents to find out more about the proposals and are seeking feedback from the community up until 9 November 2015.


For more information about this project, visit the DHHS website or email to make a submission.