Stonnington Planning Scheme

Planning schemes set the direction for the use, development, and protection of land within the municipality. Each local government area within Victoria has its own new format scheme.

A full copy of the Stonnington Planning Scheme, the planning scheme maps, and incorporated documents are available for viewing at our Planning Department or can be accessed via the link below:

Stonnington Planning Scheme


The City of Stonnington’s planning scheme came into operation on 13 July 2000. The key components of the scheme are:

  • Planning Policy Framework
  • Municipal Strategic Statement
  • Local Planning Policies
  • Planning Scheme Maps

The Planning Policy Framework contains a standard set of planning policies and controls that apply to all local government areas within Victoria. Our Council cannot change the State Planning Policy Framework.

The Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) outlines the key land use and development objectives and strategies for the municipality. The MSS provides the basis for zones, overlays and particular provisions. At Stonnington, we review the MSS every three years.

Changes to the Stonnington Planning Scheme

The scheme can only be changed by an amendment to the scheme. An amendment may involve a change to a map within the planning scheme (often a rezoning) or a change to the written text of the scheme or changes to both.

Generally, the Council prepares amendments to the planning scheme to address significant planning issues. The Minister for Planning can also prepare amendments to the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

Other parties can request an amendment to the Stonnington Planning Scheme. The Council will consider written requests for amendments that justify why the amendment should be prepared. The Council is under no obligation to prepare any amendment and may choose not to do so after assessing the request.

For further information about the process to amend planning schemes visit the Department of Land, Water and Planning website. All amendments to the Stonnington Planning Scheme that are currently on exhibition are available for public inspection at our Planning Department and also at the Department of Land, Water and Planning.

The Department of Land Water and Planning is located at: 8 Nicholson Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.