Pre Applications

You can request pre-application advice to help you with more complex land use and development proposals. The following qualify for pre-application advice:

  • developments where it is not clear from policy whether compliance with the applicable planning controls is achieved
  • developments of three levels or more
  • full demolition of a building in a Heritage Overlay and proposed replacement building
  • multi-unit developments (at the discretion of the Coordinator)
  • non-residential use in a residential zone

You will need to send us:

  • a completed pre application form or a summary clearly detailing the project
  • a site plan and any photos of the site and surrounds
  • concept drawings
  • any other information to help us assess your proposal.

When you have supplied sufficient information for us to understand what you are proposing, one of our planners will assess your proposal and provide you with advice.

For all other pre-application advice, we have planners on duty each day to assist with your enquiries. Please call one of our duty planners on 8290 3329 or pop in to our 311 Glenferrie Road office during business hours. Where possible please avoid visiting between 12 and 2pm, as this is usually a very busy time and we will only be able to provide brief advice.

Save time by lodging your planning permit application on-line! Click on the logo wherever you see it to take you straight to ePlanning .