Hoddle Street-Punt Road corridor


Hoddle Street Construction - Update 30 November 2017

Streamlining Hoddle Street

 VicRoads has finalised the intersection designs for the Hoddle Street and Punt Road Corridor, with construction ready to begin in late 2017. The upgrade will improve the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, residents, traders, public transport users and drivers.

Construction will begin at the northern end of Hoddle Street, at Johnston Street and the Eastern Freeway during the Christmas and January holidays. Following the Australian Open, works will begin at the Punt Road and Swan Street intersection. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

For Further information visit the Streamlining Hoddle Street website or call (03) 9280 0783.

Punt Road Public Acquisition Overlay

The Victorian Government has confirmed its intentions to retain the existing 20 metre wide Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO). It affects 135 properties along the east side of Punt Road between Alexandra Avenue in South Yarra and Union Street in Windsor, as well as 49 and 51 Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra. An advisory committee was established to review the PAO affecting properties within the City of Stonnington.

In May 2016 the Punt Road Acquisition Overlay Advisory Committee released its final report which recommended the PAO be retained. The Committee recommended Stonnington Council, in consultation with VicRoads, develop an integrated land use and transport strategy for the Punt Road corridor that addresses the needs of the community.

For Further information visit the Punt Road Public Acquisition Overlay Advisory Committee website or call 1300 366 356.

Hoddle Street Designs Released to Public - Update 16 August 2017

VicRoads currently has two projects underway to investigate short to medium term options that can be implemented in the next two to four years to improve the operation of Punt Road.

These investigations aim to improve safety for all road users, help traffic flow, increase reliability of public transport and improve accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians along and across the entire Hoddle Street-Punt Road corridor.

The State Government has now released preliminary designs for four intersections to be upgraded along the Hoddle Street-Punt Road corridor.

  • Hoddle and Swan Street intersection – proposed changes include using continuous flow principles to reduce congestion caused by right hand turning vehicles and the inclusion of on-road bicycle lanes along Swan Street and Olympic Boulevard.
  • Brunton Avenue – proposed changes include the removal of one right hand turning lane.
  • Johnston Street intersection – right hand turns will be removed at the in place of P-turn.
  • Eastern Freeway entrance (heading outbound) – a third on-ramp lane will be added.

The preliminary designs were developed last year through community input and technical investigations. Construction of the new intersection layouts is expected to start in mid-2017.

The designs are now open for community input. To have your say visit the VicRoads website