Protecting the Yarra River

Protecting the Yarra River Update - February 2020

Draft Yarra River Strategic Plan

The Victorian Government has released the draft Yarra River Strategic Plan for public comment. The Plan includes a 50-year community vision, actions to facilitate collaborative management of the Yarra River and Yarra River land and a Land Use Framework to ensure activities on public and private land within one kilometre of the River align with the Community Vision.

The following website has all the information including the draft Plan, how to make a submission and contact details for questions or information: Yarra River Strategic Plan

Public consultation closes on 22 March 2020.

Is Your Property Affected?

View Schedule 3 to Clause 43.02 of the Stonnington Planning Scheme to find out. Once the Land Use Framework in the Yarra River Strategic Plan is finalised, it will inform changes to the Planning Scheme (potentially a new or amended Schedule 3). All submissions on the draft Yarra Strategic Plan relating to the Land Use Framework will be considered for incorporation into the final Plan and reviewed by a panel appointment by the Minister for Water.


Yarra River Protection Ministerial Advisory Committee

In December 2015 the Minister for Planning and the then Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water appointed the Yarra River Protection Ministerial Advisory Committee (Yarra MAC) to provide independent advice to government on the key issues and opportunities for the river as well as improvements to governance arrangements. 

As part of its deliberations, the Yarra MAC sought feedback from the community on the key issues and opportunities for the river. A discussion paper, 'Protecting the Yarra River (Birrarung)' outlined the key issues and proposed a new management model for the river. 

Yarra River Action Plan 

In February 2017, the Victorian Government released the Yarra River Action Plan, containing 30 actions with assigned timeframes and lead agencies. These 30 actions include:

  • The preparation of a Strategic Plan led by Melbourne Water with a 50-year community vision. 
  • The preparation of stronger and more consistent planning controls for the Yarra River Corridor.
  • The preparation of a Yarra River (Birrarung) Protection Bill to establish an overarching planning framework for the Yarra River. The aim of the framework is to coordinate waterway, public land and infrastructure management, cultural and heritage and statutory land use planning.

Yarra River Protection Act 

In 2017 the Yarra River Protection (Wilip-gin Birrarung Murron) Act passed through the Victorian Parliament, placing into law the protection of the Yarra River corridor. The Act calls for collaborative management of the Yarra River corridor, driven by the development of a long-term community vision.

Further Information

Visit the Yarra River Protection website or call 1300 366 356.

For more information and progress about the Strategic Plan and Protection Bill, visit Melbourne Water’s website