The Great Summer Clothes Swap 2020

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Because the most sustainable item of clothing is the one already in your closet.

Embrace the sharing economy and refresh your wardrobe at the Great Summer Clothes Swap. Give your unwanted clothes a new life while you find new items to love!

The swap rules are simple:

  • Five items maximum
  • Quality items only – give quality, get quality
  • Please, no faulty or stained items – would you give it to a friend?
  • Get one swap token for each item you bring

Join the great swap and stick around for free talks, workshops and activities. We’re covering sustainable fashion, decluttering and how to shift your purchase practices. Learn to crochet your own reusable dishcloth and make earrings from recycled plastic. Drop off your electronic waste, test your recycling knowledge and bring jars to fill with kitchen and bathroom staples from Roving Refills.

facebook-icon.png Great Summer Clothes Swap 2020

The schedule

Learn and create

12.30pm – 2.30pm

The swap item drop off

Receive your swap tokens

12.45pm – 1.30pm

Ethical decluttering using the KonMari method with Home Sanctuary

12.30pm – 3.00pm

  • Zero Waste Living
  • Crochet a dishcloth
  • Create jewellery from recycled plastic
  • Behind the seams of your clothes 


1.45pm – 2.45pm

A second hand fashion future with Eco Styles

3.00pm – 4.00pm

The swap shop opens

Use your swap tokens to ‘purchase’ new items


What to bring

✔ Five quality clothing items for swapping

✔ Jars for filling with kitchen and pantry staples

✔ Broken jewellery for repairing

✔ Cotton yarn for crocheting

Electronic waste for recycling

✔ Reusable bag to hold your new prized goodies

✔ Water bottle and reusable cup to grab a coffee nearby


The Great Summer Clothes Swap is part of the National Sustainable Living Festival 2020 and proudly delivered by the City of Stonnington.

About our speakers and workshops

Sally Flower – Home Sanctuary

Sally Flower is the first Australian to be trained by Marie Kondo in the famous KonMari Method and is a wellness consultant and sustainability advocate.

Join Sally to learn not only what makes the KonMari Method so unique, but how to discard decluttered items mindfully. The accumulation of “stuff” will continue a negative cycle on our mental health and on the environment. Learn some tips to dispose of decluttered items correctly, coupled with techniques to change the way we purchase. | Instagram @homesanct | Facebook @homesanct


Nina Gbor – Eco Styles

Nina Gbor is an award-winning advocate, eco stylist, public speaker and founder of Eco Styles. She advocates for sustainability in the fashion industry and global female empowerment and teaches sustainable fashion short courses at RMIT University.

Join Nina’s workshop exploring how we can consume fashion ethically and ‘get off the fashion trendmill’. Get serious about second hand fashion, learn tips on fabrics to look for, styles that suit different body types and easy techniques to find perfect pieces anywhere and anytime. You’ll be ready to curate a stylish wardrobe, that’s sustainable and kinder to the environment! | Instagram @eco.styles | Facebook


Zero Waste Victoria

Zero Waste Victoria is a community of change makers who are leading the zero-waste charge in Victoria through education and leading public discussions about the importance of reducing waste and improving our waste and recycling system. Zero Waste Victoria will be showcasing how you can avoid waste with simple swaps at home, when shopping and in everyday life. 

Drop in to their dishcloth crocheting workshop and learn to make your own cotton kitchen sponge, a great alternative to the plastic variety. If you have a crochet hook, or spare yarn please bring it along. | Facebook ZeroWasteVictoria


Pop Art Jewellery and repairs with Emma Grace

Create your own one-off bespoke pieces of statement-jewellery using colourful recycled plastics and vintage ‘found objects’. You’ll learn the foundations of jewellery design and construction, as well as hints and tricks to make your pieces look professional and fabulous.

Hosted and organised by the City of Stonnington

Event Details

1251 High St, Malvern VIC 3144, Malvern VIC

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8290 1333


This is a free event

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