Workout At Home


Stay Active at Home with the Active Stonnington Trainers, as they take you through a series of online sessions to do at home.

Grab a towel and your drink bottle and choose from one or all of our workouts.

Hatha Yoga -Bring peace to the mind and body with Lesley as she guides you through a gentle session of Hatha yoga. Suitable for beginners to advanced levels.

HIIT It!!! (30 mins) - HIIT up your home workout with this high energy 30 minute class run by our hyped up superstar Jimmy. Prepare to sweat, come armed with a towel, water bottle, mat and your energetic enthusiasm

Band & Bodyweight Workout - There's something for everyone in Franklin's Bodyweight and Band Workout. If you are seeking equipment to add to your home gym look no further than exercise bands for a serious strength and mobility workout. Low impact, joint friendly and they don't take up much room!

Exercise Snack -Here’s a healthy snack recipe to be enjoyed at home. Best enjoyed during periods where you are sitting for extended periods accompanied with a refreshing bottle of water. Furry friend is optional!

Triathlons when in lock-down - You can't keep a good triathlete down and when it comes to our multi-talented Health Club/Group Fitness/Swimming instructor/Lifeguard and Customer Service Officer Claire there is no stopping her.

Boxing Conditioning with Alessandra - 40 minutes - With a black belt in kick-boxing, Alessandra knows how to remain in fighting fit condition when physical distancing is a priority.

Pranayama with Lesley - Take a moment to breathe, purify, cleanse and then relax with Lesley's Pranayama and Yoga Nidra session.


(Disclaimer: If you are a first timer, pregnant and/or have a pre-existing injury or medical condition, we advise that you should consult with your medical practitioner prior to doing any of the online exercises brought to you by Active Stonnington. City of Stonnington will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by any person arising out of participation in the Active Stonnington series of classes.)