Indigenous history markers and their locations

Please note that these documents may contain images of deceased persons.

  1. Hunting grounds of Chapel Street. Chapel Street, Windsor, near Green Street (Melway: 58 D7) Hunting grounds marker(PDF, 726KB)
  2. Meeting place for corroborees. Chapel Street, Prahran, near Prahran Town Hall (Melway: 58 D6) Meeting place marker(PDF, 653KB)
  3. Helen Baillie. 462 Punt Road, South Yarra (Melway: 58 C2) Helen Baillie marker(PDF, 652KB)
  4. The Aboriginal Mission. Corner of Punt Road and Alexandra Avenue (Melway: 58 C1) Aboriginal Mission marker(PDF, 653KB)
  5. Aboriginal campsite. Corner of Chapel Street and Toorak Road (Melway: 58 E3) Aboriginal campsite marker(PDF, 653KB)
  6. George Langhorne. Corner of Toorak Road and Rockley Road, South Yarra (Melway: 58 F3) George Langhorne marker(PDF, 682KB)
  7. Derrimut. Yarra Trail, Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra, west of Chapel Street (Melway: 58 E2) Derrimut marker(PDF, 662KB)
  8. The Chief Protector. Yarra Trail, Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra, east of Chapel Street (Melway: 58 F2) Chief Protector marker(PDF, 658KB)
  9. Como Park and Lake Como. Yarra Trail, Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra (Melway: 58 G1) Como Park marker(PDF, 811KB)
  10. Turruk. Yarra Trail, Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra (at the end of Williams Road) (Melway: 58 G1) Turruk marker(PDF, 711KB)
  11. Artefacts in Kooyong Park. Kooyong Park, Glenferrie Road, Kooyong (Melway: 59 C3) Kooyong Park-artefacts marker(PDF, 653KB)