Archived annual reports

Annual reports provide detailed statistics relating to local government activities. Subjects covered include public health, population, street repairs, charities supported by the councils, transport, parks and gardens, drainage, valuations, and municipal officers. All photographs from the reports of the former cities of Malvern and Prahran have been individually scanned and added to the Stonnington History Centre’s catalogue.

The City of Malvern published annual reports from 1915/16 until 1942/43. The City of Prahran published annual reports from 1909/10 until 1953/54. No annual reports for either council exist after these dates until the 1992/93 financial year, as there was no requirement to continue this practice until the 1990s. The City of Stonnington began producing annual reports in the late 1990s.

All issues of the published annual reports have been scanned as PDFs, and are available for download at the links below. Each edition can be keyword searched. Please note the size next to each report, as some files are very large. DVD Rom copies of the reports are available for loan at Stonnington libraries.

City of Malvern Annual Reports 1915–1943

City of Prahran Annual Reports 1909–1954

City of Stonnington Annual Reports 1993/94–2009/2010

Digital copies of the City of Stonnington's recent annual reports are available on the council’s website.