Local newspapers

The Stonnington History Centre and all of Stonnington’s libraries hold the current year of the local newspaper, the Stonnington Leader. For a list of known local newspapers that covered all or part of the City of Stonnington area, see the table below.  

Historic newspapers

We have original editions (hard copy) for some old newspapers, while for others we only have microform copies (microfilm or microfiche). For conservation reasons, the microform should be used where possible. 

The local newspapers are progressively being made available online via the National Library's digitised newspaper database, Trove. Note that the Melbourne Argus (1848-1956) and The Age (1854-1954) have been digitised and may also be useful in coverage of significant local events.

Detailed notes (where available) regarding the publishing history of the local newspapers can be found on our catalogue. We have analytically indexed the Prahran Telegraph for the years 1866-1875, covering court reports, Council reports, editorials, public notices, and other items of interest. Its court reports for 1880-1882 have been indexed in detail, while advertisements have been indexed for a single issue in March and September of each year from 1866 to 1930. This information can be found on the local history catalogue.

The table below shows a list of all local newspapers held in our collection, and a link to the Trove database if it has been digitised. Newspapers distributed to the Stonnington area west of Kooyong Road are indicated as covering Prahran, and those distributed to the east of Kooyong Road are indicated as covering Malvern. Most are also held by the State Library of Victoria. They are listed in order by date.

Local newspapers

 Title  Dates  Distribution  Format 
 Prahran & St Kilda Advertiser  1857  Prahran  Hard copy (2 issues only)
 St Kilda Chronicle  1858-1861  Prahran  Microform
 Advertising Times  1862  Prahran  Hard copy (2 issues only)

 Prahran Telegraph

 formerly: Telegraph, St Kilda, Prahran and South Yarra Guardian




 Trove, Hard copy, Microform


 Prahran Chronicle  1882-1919  Stonnington   Trove, Hard copy, Microform 
 Table Talk  1885-1939  Stonnington  Trove, Microform 1885-1894
 Malvern and Armadale Express  1888-1902  Stonnington  Microform
 Malvern, Caulfield & Armadale Recorder  1899-1902  Stonnington  Microform
 South Metropolitan  1906  Stonnington  Microform
 Malvern Courier & Caulfield Mirror  1906-1917  Malvern  Trove, Microform
 Malvern Standard  1906-1920; 1930-31  Malvern  Trove, Microform
 Malvern News [Trader's Association]  1912-1916  Malvern  Trove, Microform
 Malvern, Caulfield, Oakleigh Dispatch  1932  Malvern  Microform
 Malvern Spectator  1934-1942  Malvern  Microform
 Prahran News  1948-1959  Stonnington  Microform
 Prahran & South Yarra Local  1952-1955  Prahran  Hard copy (7 issues only)
 Times  1959-1968  Prahran  Microform
 Southern Cross  1962-1965; 1968-1999  Stonnington  Hard copy; Microform 1962-65,1969-95
 Chadstone Progress  1969-1981  Malvern  Hard copy
 Regional Progress  1984-1988  Malvern  Hard copy
 Malvern/Caulfield Progress  1988-1993  Malvern  Hard copy
 Malvern-Prahran Leader  1993-2000  Stonnington  Hard copy; Microform
 Stonnington Leader  2000 --  Stonnington  Hard copy; Microform 2000-2010
 Stonnington Review Local  2012-2013  Stonnington  Hard copy