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Hedgeley Dene situated amidst beautiful residential gardens and period houses, is one of Malvern's most attractive and popular gardens. 

As an established and well-maintained combination of lawn, deciduous and broadleaf trees and an ornamental lake, Hedgeley Dene evokes images of English parks.

Hedgeley Dene Gardens links Central Park and the Gardiners Creek Valley Parklands. The gardens extend along what was once a watercourse alignment, dropping gradually from the ornamental lake in the south-west to a simple pocket of green land with deciduous trees at Stanley Street.

Further reading on the history of Hedgeley Dene Garden.

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Hedgeley Dene Garden is located on Kardella Street and Glenbrook Avenue (off Wattletree Road) 
Melway reference: Map 59 J11

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Hedgeley Dene Gardens, Malvern East VIC

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