Balcony biodiversity

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No matter what size your space, provide the right habitat elements in your balcony or courtyard garden and the wildlife will come!

Join gardening guru, Richard Rowe from Sustainable Gardening Australia and learn how to create a small eco-system that provides food, water and shelter for wildlife.

You’ll learn about what you need to get started, the best species for pots and containers, and how to attract pollinators, birds, lizards and even microbats to your garden.

Please note that this is an event for Melbourne gardeners only. As gardening is very context specific, we won’t be able to take questions relating to other areas. If you live outside Melbourne, please contact your council to find out what free sustainable gardening events are available locally.

This My Smart Garden event is organised by the City of Stonnington. View all events in the series.


  • Saturday, 22 May 2021 | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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