Privacy policy


The Stonnington Library and Information Service (SLIS) Information Privacy Policy aligns with the City of Stonnington Information Privacy Policy.

We comply with our duties under the Information Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

In particular, the City of Stonnington follows the Information Privacy Principles in the Act.

The SLIS also complies with the Information Privacy Principles in the Act about information specifically held for library-related purposes. 


SLIS only collects the personal information it needs to perform its functions.

We use the information to help us return items borrowed from the library which haven't been returned.

We also use this information to let members know if something they've reserved is ready.

Information is collected directly from users through a membership application form.

If the person applying is under 18, we collect this from their parent or guardian.

Use and disclosure

SLIS does not pass on personal information from its membership database, unless the law says we must.

Data quality

As far as possible, SLIS makes sure our membership database is correct, current and complete.

Each year, we ask members to confirm their address, phone and email details.

We remove records from the database if a member:

  • hasn't used the library service for around three years, and
  • has no outstanding transactions.


You can get the privacy policy on the SLIS website and at all SLIS service points.

Unique identifiers

We give each library member their own membership number, so we can identify them for library operations.

We don't give your membership number to any other organisation.


Wherever possible, library users don't need to identify themselves.

To access some library services, we need to identify you with your library card.