Vulnerable Communities, Library Delivery Service

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Vulnerable Communities, Library Delivery Service brings the library to you.

Are you a Stonnington household that identifies as being a vulnerable community member and would benefit from a delivery of library items?

A vulnerable community member can be someone who is:

  • over 65 years of age with limited support networks in place; or
  • a person with a disability or a carer for a person with a disability; or
  • a single parent family; or
  • experiencing mental health issues; or
  • finding themselves socially isolated due to their living arrangements; or
  • in financial hardship.

If you identify as being in one of the above situations, please proceed to the next page to request our Vulnerable Communities, Library Delivery Service.


View the City of Stonnington's COVID-19 update for information on what's open, what's closed and how you can help slow the spread of coronavirus. Visit the Department of Health and Human Services for general information on COVID-19, including information for people with disability. See SBS for COVID-19 information in your language.