Libraries for Health and Wellbeing

Published on 22 August 2022

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The Libraries for Health and Wellbeing initiative is a state-wide advocacy campaign to support the Public Libraries Victoria and State Library Victoria's Libraries for Health and Wellbeing: a strategic framework towards 2024.

The initiative aims to showcase library people, spaces and programs to create stronger and healthier Victorian communities. At Stonnington Libraries we believe we can inform, connect and empower our communities to manage their health. We are safe, trusted and accessible. Our people care for and are committed to our communities.

We run and facilitate programs, offer digital resources and physical spaces, connect people with services and support and provide accurate information that can positively impact on the mental wellbeing, social connection and physical health of our community. 

Social connection

We support library users from all walks of life to foster meaningful relationships and develop a sense of belonging in their local community. 

Mental wellbeing  

We provide safe, inclusive spaces where library users can access reliable information and engaging programs to support mental wellbeing. 

Physical health

We provide reliable information and connect to experts to help our communities understand and manage their physical health, prevent disease, and improve their physical outcomes. 


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