No more overdue charges

Published on 05 March 2021

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We’re pleased to announce we no longer charge for overdue items at our libraries.

We know these charges can be frustrating and deter people from using our services. We’re removing the fines so everyone can access library and information resources that enrich lives and participate in lifelong learning.

While you’ll need to return or renew any overdue items before borrowing new ones, you won't be fined. But, if you lose an item or it is more than 60 days overdue, replacement charges will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘overdue’?

An item is considered overdue if it is not returned to the library or renewed by the due date. 

Can I keep to borrowing items if I haven’t returned overdue items?

You can continue to borrow items until your overdue items are more than 30 days late. 


What will be the incentive for people to return items to the libraries?

If you have overdue items on your account, you cannot borrow more physical items until these items are either returned or renewed. This encourages the timely return of items without imposing a financial penalty.

Research shows library fines do not encourage borrowers to return books on time. In fact, they often dissuade people from borrowing items at all.


When does an item go from being overdue to being lost?

An item is considered overdue if it is not returned or renewed by the due date. If the item has not been returned for 60 days, the item is considered lost. Charges apply for lost items. View our list of charges.


Will I have to pay for items that are lost or damaged?

Yes, you will be charged for lost, damaged and long overdue items. View our list of charges.


How can I renew my items?

Renew your items via My Account in the catalogue, the Library App, or call us.


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