Young Stonnington voices of the pandemic

Published on 14 January 2022

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The City of Stonnington is undertaking a project to capture local children’s experiences of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Rarely are lived experiences of children collected in archival records, and it is crucial that children’s perspectives on this unique moment in history are heard and recorded, in their own voices. The project provides the Stonnington History Centre with an opportunity to enrich its collection and provide insight into the lived experience of children throughout the pandemic.  

This project has been developed in conjunction with Way Back When Consulting Historians, a team of accredited and experienced professional historians.  

Participating in the project

The project involves a Zoom interview with your child for approximately 15-30 minutes (perhaps longer for older children) conducted by the Way Back When interviewers. The interviewer will guide children through the interview, asking them questions based around a series of themes: the virus itself, home, school, relationships, hobbies, space and time. Some of these themes are about the practical aspects of life during the pandemic. For example, observations about home, how it has changed, where schoolwork is done, and where children go to have time to themselves. Other themes are about less tangible experiences and will help to capture ideas, emotions and understandings about our current and recent reality. 

If you and your child are interested in participating, express your interest below and a Way Back When historian will contact you directly. 



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