Builders and Developers Information Pack now available

Press Release | 2 March 2016


The City of Stonnington is proud to release a new publication to guide builders and developers undertaking projects in Stonnington. 

The Builders and Developers Information Pack has been produced in response to the impact on community amenity from recent and unprecedented development activity in Stonnington.  

The Pack provides information about Council permits that may be required for building in the City of Stonnington. This includes asset protection, out-of-hours works, road occupations, road opening consents, significant trees, skip bins, vehicle crossings, tradesmen parking permits and works zones.

The need to balance amenity in Stonnington with the rights of builders and developers to build within the City is managed via local law permits relating to building activity. Council also needs to protect its assets and ensure public safety.

The Information Pack also outlines the many things builders and developers need to know to ensure that their work is hassle-free, meets Council and community expectations, and the experience is positive. 

The Builders and Developers Information Pack is available in full, together with all applications forms and fees, at  

For more information and to download the pack visit our website or call 8290 1333.