Low-income households to get Council support to access more affordable energy

Press Release | 9 November 2017


The City of Stonnington will be encouraging low income households to access clean, affordable energy through the Solar Savers program.

City of Stonnington's Cr Jami Klisaris said the Solar Savers program is a State-wide initiative that helps eligible residents install solar PV systems.

“Reducing our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions is a key priority for Council along with supporting businesses and residents to do the same,” Cr Klisaris said.

“The Solar Savers program will assist members of the community most affected by the rising cost of electricity to install a solar panel system that will help reduce their bills and at the same time benefit the environment.”

Cr Klisaris said Solar Savers staff assess a household’s eligibility to participate in the program, which includes determining whether switching to solar will be cost effective.

“The Solar Savers program screens households to ensure there is a clear financial benefit to installing solar and provides access to a special low cost, fixed interest personal loan through Bank Australia to pay for the installation,” Cr Klisaris said.

“To be eligible the installation of solar panels needs to be able to save the household $100 per year on their electricity bill after paying the loan for their solar system.”

The Solar Saver program is a collaboration between local and state government, the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances and the private sector.