Mayoral Chains gifted to Stonnington

Press Release | 1 August 2018

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A century long tradition that ended when the cities of Malvern and Prahran merged in the mid-1990s has been resurrected thanks to the donation of mayoral chains by City of Stonnington Mayor, Cr Steve Stefanopoulos.

A keen historian and proud Stonnington advocate, Mayor Stefanopoulos donated the mayoral chains to mark 20 years since a former mayor commissioned a mayoral robe for the then new City of Stonnington.

Announcing his bequest at a recent Council meeting, Mayor Stefanopoulos said it was important this missing element be acquired, to adorn the mayoral robe.

“The City of Stonnington is one of Australia’s most important municipalities.  We are a leader among local governments and are of a calibre that should have chains,” said Mayor Stefanopoulos.

“Wearing the mayoral robe and chains at major civic functions, such as citizenship ceremonies, will demonstrate Council’s respect for our position as a community leader, and the importance of these significant occasions.

“It is my great pleasure to donate the City of Stonnington mayoral chains to this Council, and leave them in the safe custody of the Chief Executive Officer,” added Mayor Stefanopoulos.

Manufactured by renowned makers of regalia, P Blashki and Sons, the chain is fashioned with 26 gold-plated, sterling silver links supporting two central pendants. The upper pendant, an emblem of the letters P and M to symbolise the City’s history as the former cities of Prahran and Malvern, carries a sterling silver adornment engraved and painted with the historic City of Stonnington logo.

Links in the chain represent previous mayors and will be engraved with their name and term in office.

City of Stonnington Mayor Cr Steve Stefanopoulos is available for interview or comment.

For media or photo opportunities, please contact the City of Stonnington’s Communications Department on 8290 1113 or

Mayor Stefanopoulos w Mayoral Chains - LowRes.jpg